Absolute Painting Lawrence Kansas

We’re obliged to share our hard earned experience with a painting contractor in Lawrence, Kansas. Despite a number of glowing testimonials (whose authenticity we are in the process of checking out), Absolute Painting, LLC of Lawrence, Kansas recently did a terrible job on our house. Patch work on drywall has bubbled up in many places, and shows through the paint in many other places. This is partly due to the watered down paint we discovered they used. You can’t buy it at the paint store. It’s a special blend that’s made by adding two cups of water to each gallon of the bottom of the line paint. We were really taken in by these guys. Now we have to spend thousands more to fix the mess they left us with. To anybody shopping for a painting contractor: stay away from Absolute Painting, LLC of Lawrence, Kansas. You will regret letting them into your home.

Mobile Friendly HarpShot Woo-Hoo!

Finally re-designed HarpShot’s Website so now it’s mobile friendly, the home page, at least. Hey, this stuff takes time, y’know.

Update Aug. 5: Okay, then. All the main pages updated and upgraded to mobile friendly responsive presentation. Admittedly, there remains some fine tuning of some parts. Poor old “BeaucoupsMarks” is a tribute to the past, though, and will likely remain that way. Remember when “frames” was the hottest new HTML standard? So, I dunno if I’ll ever update that. But, you never know. Amazingly, I get several requests every month from other websites asking me to put their link on the page. Maybe I should check its page rank, could be a surprise. (I doubt it)

What’s the Difference?

“What difference does it make how much you have? What you do not have amounts to much more.”

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca (ancient blues master)