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WordPress App

I just published a new post in Chappell Family Blog, using Chrome on cell phone. They snuck in some plugs about the WordPress app. I had previously thought about giving it a spin, so went ahead and installed it and here I am. So far, so good, and preferable to browser. We’ll see if the honeymoon lasts.

So, here’s a section of my driveway a couple days ago.

We were having balmy weather and the abundance of green on concrete was hard not to notice. I assume it’s some sort of mildew or algae or whatever, besides the vegetation growing through the cracks. It was like 65° at the time. Now it’s like 35° with an overnight freeze warning. Damn global warming!

And here is my wife’s little flower garden at the mailbox. Pretty colorful.

I guess I could’ve cropped out the curb, but for whatever reason I liked the concept of the flowers hanging over to the street.

Okay, let’s see how this app does with the publishing end of posting. So far, text and images have been easy.

Danged Ads

I don’t visit my own blog very often. It had been a few months, actually, since the last time I dropped by here. Holy cow! I’ve been overrun with ads, commercials, all sorts of junk I didn’t put here! I’m going to have to reconsider this account, I think.

Edit: Interestingly, after I posted this post and looked at the blog again all those freakin’ ads were gone! I don’t know what’s going on.

Edit Edit: Hmm, so this time I saw a box saying some viewers might see an ad in it. But, the first time I looked, there were two ads in it, as well as two more ads in the sidebar! Obviously, I should pay more attention to this blog.


Mobile Friendly HarpShot Woo-Hoo!

Finally re-designed HarpShot’s Website so now it’s mobile friendly, the home page, at least. Hey, this stuff takes time, y’know.

Update Aug. 5: Okay, then. All the main pages updated and upgraded to mobile friendly responsive presentation. Admittedly, there remains some fine tuning of some parts. Poor old “BeaucoupsMarks” is a tribute to the past, though, and will likely remain that way. Remember when “frames” was the hottest new HTML standard? So, I dunno if I’ll ever update that. But, you never know. Amazingly, I get several requests every month from other websites asking me to put their link on the page. Maybe I should check its page rank, could be a surprise. (I doubt it)