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Update Time

Hmm, just how does one update time? What I meant was, time to update. Referring to all my other WordPress blogs. Well, not mine, but that I manage for others. Fortunately, no serious problems. Nice thing about this blog is it’s done for you. This is a dumb post mainly to try out the WP app on my new tablet.


Today was one of those days that could’ve been better and could’ve been worse. Reckon kinda like most days for most people. Rained around here. Water. It rained water. I’ve heard there are places it rains other things – disaster, money, cats, dogs, inns. Yeah, I was really goin’ on about somethin’ the other day and my buddy said, “Hey, rain inn, dude.” Or, maybe it was, “Hey, rainin’, dude.”

Later I thought it must be finally gettin’ ’round to quittin’ time. And, it was. Everybody had quit. Except me. That was really spooky.

Maybe tomorrow will be different. Or maybe it’ll still be rainin’. I dunno.

Kevin Gunn & the Weathervanes

Back in 1970 I was a freshman at Univ. of Kansas and thought I’d be a writer of some sort so I took English and writing classes, including the Science Fiction class taught by James Gunn, author of several sci fi novels and other works. I learned a lot from Prof. Gunn, and still have some short stories I wrote that have actual praise (not to mention the criticisms) from him in the margins. But, ultimately, my career went a different direction, although, as I think about it, it involves an awful lot of writing. As time went by my kids grew up and went to college about the time the www was starting to get noticed, and I developed an interest in making websites. I found a great web editor called Web-O-Rama. Lo and behold, turned out it was written by Prof. Gunn’s kid, Kevin Gunn. More time went by and along came the likes of MySpace and FaceBook and LinkedIn. While goofing around on FaceBook one day I came across, yes, Kevin Gunn! He’s now devoting his efforts to his real passion, music. Be sure to check him out at Kevin Gunn and the Weathervanes. Kevin has me thinking again about my back-burnered passion, writing.