Election Deniers

We’ve noticed that the Democrats and MSM (Main Stream Media – although these days it’s questionable that it can be said to be main stream) are more and more strenuously shouting about “election deniers” who threaten democracy. They brand Republican candidates as “election deniers” and proclaim that the election of such Republicans would bring the end of democracy. Since “election deniers” are, according to Democrats, synonymous with “insurrectionists”, the Republicans are essentially domestic terrorists.

Wow. The outcome of free and fair elections would be the end of democracy if Republicans win. Really? Such an assertion is patently irrational and, frankly, ought not to require a response. However, failure to respond before today’s electorate risks being interpreted as fear of exposure that it may be true. So, how have Republicans responded to this absurd claim? They dance the Tennessee Two-Step. As one of our favorite podcasters says to start his programs, “Oh, my goodness!” Where have the Republicans parked their cajones? And, yes, we are aware that female candidates don’t, literally, have cajones, we use the term metaphorically and apologize to anyone whose feelings may be hurt by our doing so.

What constitutes Republican “election denial” after the 2020 election pales, and pales tremendously, compared to the election denial engaged in by Democrats after the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton is on record (video and audio) claiming that she did not, in fact, lose the election but, rather, that it was stolen from her. Schumer and Schiff and their Democrat cohorts engaged in a two year campaign of lies about Trump’s collusion with Putin and Russia. Prior to the election they went so far as to fabricate false claims, and to present perjured documents, to conduct surveillance on Trump’s campaign in their efforts to get the Department of Justice to indict Trump for fabricated crimes. They brought groundless impeachments against him. They unleashed every sort of political assassination they could muster in their efforts to unseat the duly elected president. The waste of legislative time and resources that they devoted to their specious efforts instead of to their elected duties has been swept under the carpet by the MSM, in derogation of its obligation to inquire, investigate, discover and publicize facts and truths in pursuit of what they claim to be the public’s “right to know”. Their mission is, rather, to filter the facts in order to publicize what they want the public to believe, regardless of truth.

Election deniers? Good Lord! Gimme a break! Anybody who wants to espouse an opinion that an election, or any other event, was contaminated by irregularities has the guaranteed right, by virtue of the First Amendment, to state their opinion, regardless of whether they have evidence to prove it. Everybody else has the right to point out that they have no evidence. But to declare, as a matter of government policy, that those who express such opinions are a threat to democracy, is by far the greater threat to democracy. The demonization by Democrats of “election deniers” is an affront to, and an attack upon, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That, my friends, is the real threat to democracy that’s at stake in this election. What we don’t understand is why the Republicans don’t have the cajones to say so. It’s almost enough to convince a person that what’s needed isn’t just a Republican sweep, but a Clean Sweep. Throw them ALL out. For now, however, the first step is to put Republicans in the majority of the House and Senate. Then, we can work on 2024.

A number of commentators have pointed out that what the Democrats are doing is accusing the Republicans of what the Democrats are, in fact, guilty of doing. It doesn’t take much observation to see the truth of this. The Democrats are clearly in pursuit of establishing the Democratic Party as THE party, with autocratic control of the government and not only of the country but of the states. They would, if you are not blind to their policies, abolish state powers, and subject all US citizens to the centralized power of the federal government. Some would argue that the times have changed and such is the natural devolution of our society. I guess they’re entitled to their opinion, but they should have the decency to admit that they seek to abolish the Constitution, and create a different country, one that is more like, say, Russia or China.


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