First Amendment and Right to Protest

Our friend, El Bandolero, has posted a thoughtful and articulate essay about whether or not the First Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution, of course) contains a “right to protest”. It seems many people are under the impression that it does. We recommend, therefore, that many people read his article, The First Amendment’s Right to Protest. We thought, when we started reading it, that he was going to say that the First Amendment contains no such right. By the time we got to the end, however, we weren’t so sure. Therefore, we urge people to read it, think about it, and draw their own conclusions. It’s something definitely worth thinking about. We think he’s suggesting it doesn’t contain such a right, except as a result of judicial (as in U.S. Supreme Court) expansion and re-definition of the wording of the Constitution. We also think that every time that happens, the Constitution gets diluted, that is to say, weaker. We further think that this process has created the slippery slope the Democrats need to lead the country down the path to socialism. For example, it can readily be seen that “free speech” no longer exists. We now have “tolerated speech”, or “politically correct” speech. Oh, well. Mainly, we just wanted to recommend reading and thinking about El Bandolero’s essay about the “right to protest”.

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